Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Training for a marathon, REAL training this time! #LAMarathon #betteryourbest #ASICS #Tri4aHandUp

So ya, I've ran 5 marathons in various forms - traveling, one 3 weeks after an Ironman, 2 within 3 weeks of each other... and so on...

... but besides my first marathon (first real long distance endurance event in 2005), I have never really trained with a true plan.  Coming of long course triathlons, I had the base and I needed to recover more than add miles on.  So, I'd recover for a week, get the volume up, maybe work on a little speed, and run a marathon.  It worked for what my goal was, to finish.  But the LA Marathon is a different beast.  Since I have a lofty goal of BQ'ing, I need to follow the plan.

I'm mixing in cycling, swimming and strength work when it makes sense, but making sure the run workouts happen when they are supposed to.  I shifted the week to fit my schedule, but the workouts stay in the order scheduled and I'm only differing from the plan by 5 days.

But, why is the of any interest?  Well, you tend to run more miles on a real plan.  Two weeks ago was 42 miles and last week was around 33.  Usually I'm around 20 to 25 miles a week and maybe get around 35 with Ironman training.  Definitely upping the miles and it's been an adjustment to that much running.  There's a strong need for proper recovery and having some good shoes (cough cough LOVE MY ASICS!)

What's also interesting is the deep freeze we had along with the entire country.  Stupid polar vortex.  I'm all about enduring the elements, but I draw the line at 5 degrees for a high and dealing with sinus infections.  It's a marathon, not a sprint.  I can suffer on the dreadmill in order to stay healthy and not wipe out on ice on the sidewalks.

Which leads me to my most depressing stat of this marathon training... last week all 33 miles was on a treadmill.  Barf.  And this week was the "easy run" recovery week.  Just run 45 minutes, 80 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.  No drills, no change up, just me an the mundane whirl of the treadmill belt.  Barf.  Can you tell I'm not a huge fan?  I like to mix in sprints or hill routines on the treadmill, but not for ALL of my runs for 33 miles in a week.  LA Marathon, I hope this shows you how much I love you!

I'm also trying to visualize the warm 60 to 70 degree days ahead in LA for my 26.2 instead of 5 to 25 degrees and snow here in Kansas City...

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