Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 ASICS LA Marathon preview and someone turns 6! #Running #BetterYourBest

4 days until the ASICS LA Marathon! 

And I have mixed emotions going into it.

On one hand being a part of the ASICS Marathon Blogger Challenge Team has been GREAT! ASICS shoes, gear, travel to the event, entry and I'm basically doing what I love to get there. Training and sharing my experience. Not to mention that it will be around 80 degrees at the high for race day in LA and there's still snow on the ground here in KC and I just about biffed it taking my trash bins to the curb this morning.

On the other hand we have had a family medical emergency.  Everything is stable, but we're riding the roller coaster that is the unknown.  Doctors can have the best laid plans but when it boils down to it, the human body does what it wants to and it's an educated guess.  I'm struggling to wrap up training on a good note before the race.  Luckily it's taper time and mileage is low anyways.  But, I really wanted to follow a true training plan and it does not get any better than Coach Andrew Kastor.  I tried my best and missed a few workouts during the emergency, but I'm hoping to finish strong for this week and come into the race fresh.  I do struggle with leaving town while family is here helping and people are still in the hospital.  If it was critical, I would not be going.  But, as it stands, it's hiding and waiting for recovery.  There's still a day before I fly out and things could change on a dime.

I'm pretty sure that a BQ time will not happen.  My marathon race pace training runs have been a struggle to keep around 7:15 min/mile and I don't want to burn up in the first 6 miles and limp to a finish.  I've adjusted and hoping for a monster PR over my best marathon time (3:48:13) and hoping that being in LA on a relatively flat course and great weather will lead to a huge day.  Averaging 8 min/mile would be awesome.

Whatever the time, I want to enjoy the experience and throw away any anxiety that I skimped on training.  I think it will be AWESOME!

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On a family note, someone is 6 today!

6 years ago she came into my life and changed it in so many ways.  I've been tested over and over and the bottom line is that I love this little girl more than anything.  So much fun in a little package that I could not imagine life without her.

We have our battles, but at the end of the day she knows she's got me wrapped around her finger.

Happy Birthday and here's to mommy and daddy keeping you alive for 6 years!

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