Saturday, March 1, 2014

ASICS LA Marathon love and Xterra #Wetsuit sale - Used wetsuits starting at $69 - Use code "C-STPM" #Triathlon #swimming #betteryourbest

Almost less than 1 week away from the LA Marathon!

No, I'm not really nervous about running 26.2 miles, but I'm anxious to travel to a marathon and see how that goes.  We are looking at 6 inches (local forecasts) of snow here in Kansas City this weekend with record low temps for the week and I for one am ready to head west for LA and do some running!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have had some family medical emergencies which has changed our schedule.  I still think I will be able to go, but it still could cause some issues.  Prognosis is good and stable, but fortunes can turn on a dime as we saw when it first went down.

What's been awesome is the encouragement from the ASICS LA Marathon team for the blogger team.  Out of the blue they sent us some samples of the event gear!

If you like what you see and are running the race or know someone that is and would love a sweet gift, check it out!  You can find the LA Marathon merchandise at

They also wanted us to have the best gear and safety while training and sent us clothing from their Lite Show line that features comfort and safety.  I have been wearing the heck out of my shirts, shorts, shoes and running tights with the COLD Kansas City winter we have been having.

Check out some of their promo material about their Lite Show line from Youtube. 

Overall I'm really excited to run the LA Marathon, but it's been a new and challenging experience training for a spring marathon.  There has been a lot of treadmill running, which I do not care for, and a lot of shifting and adjusting to get it all to fit in.  Hopefully the commitment to the training schedule laid out by Andrew Kastor pays off!  I'm pretty sure there will be no BQ time, but I'm hoping for a huge PR.

Our great partner, Xterra wetsuits, is having a sale on the Used Vortex Fullsuit Normally $129, on sale now for just $99. They are also running an amazing deal on the Used Vortex Sleeveless Normally $79, on sale now for $69 until March 7.

Check out the deals below and hit and use code "C-STPM" at checkout to get the best price!

Thanks for the support!


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