Saturday, March 8, 2014

Last minute thoughts for the 2014 ASICS @LAMarathon #BetterYourBest #RunLA

It's been a great 2 days in LA.

The weather has been perfect.

We have met TONS of great people and great ASICS athletes.

ASICS has taken great care of the blogger team with accommodations and arrangements.  Everything has been covered and all that's left is to rest up and run tomorrow.  No big deal, right?

I wouldn't say I'm nervous in the sense of the challenge of running a marathon.  I've run 6 before.  Some good, some bad.  I can finish unless an act of God cuts me off.  But, I would still like to kill my PR and maybe get to a BQ time.  I'm not sure how tomorrow will play out weather wise and the course looks a lot less hilly than Kansas City.  It's outside as opposed to a treadmill and it's not 0 degrees outside or 20 at best on some of my runs.  No rain in the forecast.  No SNOW for sure.  Maybe some wind.  The temps are forecasted in the 80's, so it may be warm, but not in the morning.

On our short run this morning with Coach Kastor, the California people commented on the humidity... which coming from Kansas City (steam central in the summer) I didn't really even notice it.  I was sweating, but it was pretty crisp and clean air.  I'll take it.

If you are interested in following me, check out the race web site HERE and sign up with either email or text alerts.  I'm bib B3444 (or try 3444 if that doesn't work).

Wish me luck!

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