Friday, March 7, 2014

Liftoff and Touchdown headed to @LAMarathon #betteryourbest

The day started early Friday to head to LA for the PAIN and TORTURE of dealing with perfect weather and looking forward to the LA Marathon. 

I hit the road at 3:30am KC time at 38 degrees. Brrrr.

It was dark.  I was cold.
Then, I made my way to the KC airport to start my adventure.  The boards had us at the wrong gate and after a trek across the terminal, and through security again I awaited in a secure area with no bathrooms.  After a bio break, on to the flight!

Look, the grand canyon!

Good thing we didn't bring the kids.  We would have never made it out of the Mattel store in LAX.

And then it was on to being pampered!  Need a private driver from LAX to the hotel?  Why yes, please.

Not a horrible view coming in.
Not a bad hotel... at the finish line... across the highway from the beach.  It was ok... and I might have walked down and tried to swim in the ocean for a good open water swim... and the ocean may or may not have thrown me back.

Hit the expo and got my bib and gear.  ASICS has been top notch as they have provided this entire experience at no cost to me with gear and all the amenities.  They didn't really ask anything in return other than just commenting on the experience.  It's been a no pressure gig so far (minus training for a marathon).

Look.. a California Pizza Kitchen in California... how ironic.

And arrived at my room to find the ASICS shoe they made specifically for the LA Marathon (LAM GEL-Lyte33 3) in my size waiting in my room!  I might start to like this treatment way too much.

And I also met some interesting people on the way to LA on the flight from Topeka.  Claire Phillips is raising funds for the Breakthrough House Clubhouse at the LA Marathon.  Read a bit about her HERE and I'll write up more later about her efforts!

Claire Phillips
 More to come!  Stay tuned!

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