Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ironman Texas training... anyone... anyone...?

So here it is, early April and Ironman Texas is looming in the horizon.

And I've totally been slacking.  To be more specific, I've been slacking on the bike riding.

We have just now gained some momentum in the right direction with the family emergency that dropped on us in February, and my new day job has kicked into high gear.  So, where does that leave time for 4 to 5 hour bikes rides and not to mention it's still not exactly biking weather in Kansas these days?

I have been piece-mealing rides together at night, in the mornings and when kids take naps on the weekends, but the moral of the story is it's not been enough.

With the race on May 17th, I've really only got the month of April to get off my but and get some time in on the bike in the mornings.  It's been rough trying to get those AM workouts in.  Who wants to get up at 4am after a full day of work, kiddos and house chores and getting to be at 11pm?  Wha.... middle class problems I guess.

But, I've signed up, made my reservations and still fundraising for Ironhearts under the campaign.

But, lets take a gander of what last week looked like:

RUNNING : 36 miles
BIKING : 80 miles all on the trainer
SWIMMING : 2.47 miles
TOTAL MILES : 119 miles
TOTAL TIME : 11:52

That's not exactly Ironman training numbers less than two months out.  But, what can you do with real life?  I'm trying not to beat myself up over it, but trying to celebrate the small victories over the snooze button!
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