Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lookie who just happen to get 3rd OA in a mini sprint triathlon and 1st AG in a sprint triathlon!

No, not me, but a triathlete I coach!

It's almost like I won, too.  Almost.  ;)

Tim's been a guy I've been working with online for a while.  We started off with swimming and added the whole package with biking and running a few months ago.  It's been great to see him progress as much as he has, but he had a good base to start with.

He ran a mini triathlon followed by a sprint triathlon this past weekend and I was stoked to hear that he took 3rd overall in the mini and 1st in his age group at the sprint.  He's definitely showing his potential.

We've been working towards Ironman 70.3 Kansas in June.  It will be his first half ironman distance and seeing that I have been there 5 times and relatively successful and with my coaching service, it seemed like a natural fit.

We have definitely had some obstacles, but Tim's determination has been outstanding.  We get to meet up this weekend for course reconasense and a couple of workouts and build up come confidence for race day.  It's always a great idea to recon the course if you can.  Gives you a great idea of what to expect and what to work on with a few weeks until the race.

Also, check out Tim's fundraising at!/IronmanYLQuincy to keep informed on his venture and how you can help fund his cause!

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