Friday, May 2, 2014

And that's why you check your wheel stay with a new tire. Power Crunch contest last chance!

So when you replace a tire...

Make sure you adjust your rear wheel stay so if that new tire has a larger sidewall depth, you don't rub the frame, create a hot spot on the tire and ultimately destroy a tire on your trainer.

It starts out with a little thump thump thump... and when you stop to look, it's too late.  It's especially a bunk deal on a trainer since they eat of bike tires.  There was really nothing that I could do.  The tire is toast so I proceeded to finish my trainer ride.  Can't really do anything but change the tire and I didn't want to mess with it until after the ride.

So, let my misfortune be your gain.  Check tire rub on the frame with a new tire!

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