Friday, April 10, 2015

Running the first race of 2015! Rock the Parkway Half Marathon!

Holy cow has the time flown by and very little time to write on the old blog...

Case in point : I'm racing my first 2015 half marathon tomorrow and I never even wrote a recap for Ironman Chattanooga!  Yes, I finished.  Does that count?

But a few fleeting thoughts before running tomorrow.

1. I'm not really all geeked up trying to PR for a half.  Traditionally this has been my target race to PR the half, but this year had been hectic and I'm just happy to be trained up enough to run it.  I don't even remember what my current PR is, and I'd rather be in bed relaxing asap than looking it up.  Maybe I'll check back post race.

2. My plan is to just run like hell and see what happens... and avoid injuries.  I really have no idea what I have in me and this year I'm driving in instead of riding my bike to and from.  I didn't really taper since workout time is hard to come by, so I kept my regular workout routine and did probably too much the day before a hard race.  Oh well.

3. It's odd how my goals have morphed.  I'm not razor sharp focused on race dates, being tapered and ready.  I'm just more focused on being fit and ready for what the weekend brings.  Ya, I'll pay more attention to Ironman Boulder, Legends 100, but other than that, I plan on keeping a strong baseline throughout the summer to handle Olympic triathlons, half marathons and maybe a marathon.  Oh ya, the Atlas OC Race in a few weeks as well.  Endurance, check.  Strength work, not so much.

4. What I am focused on is my trail mix!  I'm jonesing for it lately and tomorrow I'm letting loose!

Check back and maybe I'll write a recap before the next race... maybe.  ;)
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