Friday, March 18, 2011

Race Reports / Reviews

In looking through the analytics on my blog, I found the posts with the highest views relate to race reports.  Hence a few posts asking for YOUR input into races.

If you remember, I had my little report for the 2011 Groundhog Run in Kansas City HERE.  I also posted a survey asking what you thought about it.

I got 4 responses and I put a little leg work into developing a scoring system and I have some up with a site for the results.

Check it out.  I think it's pretty helpful.  If you are wondering if to sign up for an event, you can check it out instead of going around to different sites or googling.

Here's what I need from the blogger land, more races and more reviews.

Consider dropping me a comment with your race (Year, Title, Location) and I will add it to the list and you can come back and review it.  The survey only takes 5 minutes and gives some insight to someone not familiar with the race or people that have done it wanting to know what other people thought.

So, bring on the events and reviews!

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