Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Week With Swim Meister Tony

This week with Swim Meister Tony:

We've Got Spirit!
Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Masters

Some coaches are so popular that visitors fly in from all over to swim with them. Swimmers from the Metropolitan LMSC (New York) visiting the ISHOF pool in Fort Lauderdale on a winter training trip had to share their lanes with another guest when they swam with Coach Marty Hendrick of the Summer Nationals Champs, Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Masters. The brown pelican, who was not charged a drop-in fee, was courteous and observed all points of etiquette. He waited behind the lane before hopping in, feet first, and circle swam. FLAQ Masters Coach John Acton photographed the pelican for stroke technique analysis purposes, but he flew off before receiving the feedback.

Do's and Don'ts of swimwear at masters swimming.

If you live in Kansas City, check out this killer swim challenge!  100 x 100 on 100 seconds.  That's 10,000 yards of swimming!  April 2nd, same day as rock the parkway so if you don't hit that run, check this out!

Tony Rezek
Chapter President, Kansas City, MO
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