Thursday, March 31, 2011

What did you say?

I find myself saying that all the time, "what did you say"?  Thanks to some water trapped in my ear from a Saturday swim, I can't hear very well out of my right ear.  Sucks.  Over the counter ear drops didn't help all that much.  It gets gradually better every day but I have to talk/listen every day at work, so it's hard to focus with no hearting and sometimes a gurgling as the fluid moves in my ear.  ENT appointment next week to look at it and some other ear issues.

Last week was pretty good.  Only missed one trainer ride (yes trainer b/c the weather has gone back from delightful to suck in a week) and that trainer ride was only recovery 15 miles.  No sweet.

Last week
Biking : 52 miles
Running : 17.25 miles
Swimming : 9000 yards
Total Time : 8:24

I've also decided to ditch daily mile entries.  It's just too time consuming to double enter and the only real reason I was using daily mile was for the blog widget.  It no longer functioned in the space I had on the blog redesign so no widget, no point.  Gone.  My spreadsheet is tailored to what I need.

I've also been on the feed for Scotty Tri's blog.  He posted about "workflow" (I can tell his work is technical by that description because that is NOT a triathlon term - haha).  It hits home b/c it took me a while to get the points he stressed after training for a few months.  Very good tips on how to maximize your time and organization in order to limit your excuses for missing workouts and not having enough time in the day.  Good stuff.  I think he will be pretty successful at the KC Tri in May.

List of KC events this weekend including the Brew to Brew Relay run.  Haven't ran in for a few years.  It's a GREAT time, but takes the entire day and you are wiped out at the end.  Not exactly the best thing for a couple with two young kids to come home and not pass out and let the 3 year old take care of the 6 month old.
Also bulletin for early bird price extension for some triathlons in the KC area.

Added a review for the Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon.  14,000 people!  If you have ran it or know anyone that has, please submit a review!
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