Thursday, April 14, 2011

And I'm spent....

40 miles turned into 34 this morning on the bike.  Snooze got me and I didn't get out on time.  Great weather, though!  Mid 50's, cool, dry, no wind... sweet!

I did find another use for my Monk Pak.  Phone koozie so I can toss it in my back jersey/jacket pocket and not worry about my keys scratching it up or getting it too sweaty.  Worked like a charm.

As most of you triathletes out there do, we use all this training as an excuse or allowance to eat foods that aren't exactly the best for us.  I have to admit I can't resist soft serve ice cream.  I'm also afraid I have passed this trait on to my son...

8 months old and hooked on soft serve!

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