Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm all tuckered out, and it's only Monday!

Kids kicked my butt this weekend.  School "proms", Monkey Business and Animal Farms... and that was just at home!  =)  We had a lot going on mixed in with a work event Friday night and an 11 mile run Saturday.  Where does the time go?

For the second year in a row I opted out of the Trolley Run in Kansas City.  It's a nice little 4 mile downhill run where EVERYONE sets a PR.  Just too much going on right now so I'm trying to focus on the important races and manage everything else.

Last week's number:
Biking : 64.5 miles - missed one ride
Running : 17.25 miles - missed one run
Swimming : 7500  yards - got my three I wanted
Total Time : 9:30 - largest week to date but wanted to break 10 hours this week.  We shall see if I can up the load with the dwindling hours in the day.  Amazing how the full time job sucks a lot of that training time up!  =)

Bike speed is still lacking.  With the family and wife working a lot of weekends, it's hard to get in on group rides as my schedule is all wompus and I go when I can.

Some online drills I'm hoping to capture in some future rides. - -

KC events this weekend.  Sort of slim pickings due to Easter Sunday.

Wee Man - thanks for the comments.  We think he's a cute little guy and yes, he's only 7 months old!  He is size 9 to 12 months (we'll take any gently used baby boy clothes you have!) and growing like a weed.  He had some issues to start life and actually lost weight in the first couple months but he's making up for lost time now!
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