Monday, April 25, 2011

FLUID Recovery Drink Review


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  • We earn and maintain customer loyalty by consistently delivering the highest quality products. We accomplish this with a company wide commitment to excellence in developing and marketing proven products to enhance performance, health, and general well-being.
  • To harness our passion for physical fitness and nutrition and provide products that are admired throughout our industry and the athletic community.
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The Fluid Story
  • Fluid was originally founded in San Luis Obispo by a nutritional biochemist and an exercise physiologist at Cal Poly State University. Fluid Recovery was introduced to the open market in early 2006, in an effort to answer the industries need for a superior quality recovery drink.
  • Fluid founders Richard Smith and Dave Brown gained local and national attention for their research in nutritional biochemistry and their work with athletes both nationally and internationally. Today they continue their sports science research and are developing new products to diversify the Fluid line of recovery drinks.
  • You can find the stylized Fluid logo sponsoring athletes across several disciplines, including Olympic Track & Field athletes, BMX world champions, AVP volleyball players, and a professional triathlon development team. For more information about NEHP, Fluid, or its founders please contact us.
  • The original mission: Fluid, Everything you need, nothing you don’t.
As a sponsor of Falkee Triathlon, FLUID has generously provided their products at a discount to the tri team.  To be honest, I had not run across FLUID Recovery until on the hunt for team sponsors.  Up until that point, Gatorade Recover and Chocolate Milk had been my recovery drinks of choice.  Honestly, with everything Gatorade has been rolling out, it's hard to know what product best suits me.

While chocolate milk floats my boat for taste, Gatorade provides the nutrition I was looking for but sacrificed taste.  For some reason, the Recover from Gatorade just had a bad after taste no matter what flavor I tried.  While chocolate milk went down smooth, it provided more non-essential calories than I wanted post training.

I posted on about some comparison's of recovery drinks where I ranked FLUID number 2.  To be honest, I have tried Hammer products and while I find them affective, they fall in the Gatorade Recover category of not meeting my taste requirements.

When I fix up some FLUID (I go with chocolate), then I get the nutrients AND taste.  I'm a chocolate milk fiend and I get that kick with FLUID and you can always spice it up with some milk (I use skim) if mixing it with water isn't getting it done for you.

Out of the recovery products I have tried, I must admit FLUID hits all of the high points.
  • Taste
  • Nutrition
  • Packaging appeal
  • Ease of assembly (although you do have to be careful like all mix drinks that you shake thoroughly to get all of the clumps that cling to the sides mixed in)
  • Taste - I put that in again because who wants to chug something you don't like the taste of after riding 40 or running 11 miles??
Like I added, assembly is the only draw back.  Being that it's a powder similar to chocolate milk powder, it has the tendency to clump when mixing so you have to be diligent in mixing it up or you might not get it all drank.

As I mentioned before, FLUID is a sponsor of Falkee Triathlon and provides a discount to the team.  I paid for all products and FLUID has in no way provided any compensation for a "positive" review or anything like that.  =)

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