Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's been a long week

Since we had one weekend in the 90's about 3 weeks ago, we have barely broken 60's. While that would be perfect weather, at 4am until noon it's not ideal for riding and with some happenings on the home front, I've been inside a lot the past two weeks. While I get the workouts in, it's not the same intensity I would put in while being outside. So for now I'm gratefull for an indoor bike trainer and treadmill at home.

By the way does anyone else notice all the sad news in the am? I keep a tv on for background and some segments are a little heavy on death and destruction.

And for you guys in the midwest, this has got to be the wildest weather season ever! Alabama just got slammed with tornados yesterday. The devistation is humbling. Hope anyone reading the ole blog here is ok and safe.

This will be a shorter post since I'm doing it via phone on the trainer and my attention span wont last past a few paragraphs of typing on the phone.

Stay safe and happy training.
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