Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 signs of the apocalypse...?

June Bugs
Is that the start of the end?  Weather.com and the weather channel doesn't know what they are talking about!  Cloudy, 10% chance of rain and 70's my rear!

Try WINDY, RAIN and lightening.  At least the temps were reasonable.  This morning's sprint and hill work was in the pouring rain and the last mile home was hoping I didn't get hit by lightening.  Too bad no one can predict the weather for a living....

Last week:
Biking : 74.5 miles
Running : 17.2 miles
Swimming : 1.9 miles (garmin only has miles... need to convert)
Total Time : 9:05

More to come on a new event coming to Kansas City in August!  Stay tuned!
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