Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crappy Weather, Great Ride?

Playing Russian roulette with the weather these days in Kansas!  The forecasts seems to change hourly so how's a dedicated family man suppose to get his training in if he can't plan for the weather!  Yesterday (Saturday) was suppose to be cloudy, but dry. Today's (Sunday) forecast was originally storms off and on and wind.  So yesterday when making the call, I thought it better to take a chance on cool and dry than windy and stormy.  HA.

10 miles into it and it was cool and WET.  Mist turned into drizzle and 43 miles later I was done.  The odd thing was that it was a pretty decent ride.  I felt good other than playing it safe on wet roads.  I did have an issue with a truck that pulled off a dirt road after I passed him and sped by a little too close and sprayed me with rocks and mud.  Thanks, jerk.

Below is my Garmin summary.  Not bad considering.  Now, just have to get a 50 miler in next week to wrap up volume for IM KS.

I forgot to mention last week while on a early morning ride last week, I look up to see a lady running the middle of the road.  She was wearing a reflective vest but c'mon... o'dark thirty and you're running in the middle of road to avoid wet sidewalks???  REALLY???

Check out what was sitting on the road in front of my house last night.  Guess the neighbor kid had a nice wreck.  Beauty part is the car is not drivable.  The HAD to have had it towed.  I'm taking bet on how long it sits there.  They are a little notorious for leaving dead vehicles sitting on the road for long periods of time.  Should be interesting.

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