Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back to Triathlon

Nice threshold run this morning but you know, at times I wish I was a dog.


Cause if you have GI distress and you're a dog, you find a nice spot, hunch over and let it go. People? If you have culture, then you look for a toilet of some sort. Usually threshold runs I have walks between sets so GI isn't as much of an issue, but today it was. Mile 5 into a 6.25 miler it became abundantly clear what was needing to happen.

It was timing of a lifetime to get to the bathroom at home EXACTLY when I NEEDED to! Holy crap... literally.

But I digress and took the dogs for a cool down walk.

Last week's numbers:

So far so good with Garmin connect. Just have to remember to enter swims and non-GPS events. No problem and you can search and filter all you want.

I was pretty happy that I got 3 of each workout last week. The long ride was 30 on the trainer instead of 40 on the street, but the weather didn't want to cooperate so you take what you can get.

Hoping for some miles this week but rain is looming for the rest of the week in the am's. Booooo

I tallied the Biksource Duathlon and Triathlon survey results. I got 7 entries and the rating was pretty good at 7 from 0-10. I'm also going to check participation numbers as I think they are declining in participation which could be due to weather or popularity has peaked for the event. We shall see.

Kansas City Triathlon went on without me. Top 3 HERE.

Can you believe ANOTHER Lance teammate is turning him over for doping? Coming out of the woodwork. False or true, it's got to be tiring for him.

Next on the horizon is the Ironman Kansas 70.3.  Couple weeks away but hopefully better results than last year...
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