Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wild Weather

So you have heard about Joplin, MO, the tornados in Alabama and we got even more in Oklahoma and we got to spend about an hour in our basement hallway yesterday at work while tornado sirens blared for most the of the Kansas City area.  I'm about done with this weather!  Rain I can handle, heat, cold... but tornados every other day?  No thanks.  I guess I have been less prepared as it seemed the last few springs weren't as wild and woolly.

But I was able to get a ride in this morning.  It was suppose to be a long run but when I finally came to after hitting snooze like 6 times, it was too late and I would have been in a hurry to get to work and get going.  I opted for some speed work on the bike and came to the realization the road bike needs a tune-up.  Top that off with the little speed sensor arm on my Garmin cadence sensor was loose, got caught in the wheel and busted off on the ride.  Luckily I have a replacement since their are cables that go into the arm and it's not just a screw holding it on.  Arg.

Kansas City Events this weekend.
Bikesource Duathlon and Triathlon survey results.

So since I only get like 2 or 3 comments per post, I thought I'd address them here or just add my 2 cents.

CHRIS : Ya... what can you say about Lance.  I admire his athletic accomplishments but what price have they come at?  Are they tainted?  He's all but incriminated by past teammates, but he refuses to acknowledge accusations and until someone has a sample from him that tests positive and there can be no refuting it... I will always be in a state of limbo.  For all the doping issues, he has the Livestrong organization and that would not have been possible without winning 7 Tours.  Not sure what to say about that.  I'm torn.

TRI LIVING TOGETHER : You found me!  Now what?  =)  Thanks to Kovas for the hookup.

DASHAUN : You can still drop a survey off.  I'll update it when I get a couple more.  Click the survey link HERE or to the left and choose the Heritage Du/Tri.

MIKE : The tough lesson was having the RIGHT tubes.  I had regular tubes, but I needed extra long stems or valve extenders for my ZIPP 404 wheels.  I had extenders but they required a removable valve stem on the tube which I could not get from anyone at the race.  I'm on tubulars now and I have a fix-a-flat tube on the bike but I'm not 100% confident that will help me with a flat.  I'm a little nervous about that.
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