Friday, May 27, 2011

The week that was

This week didn't play out the way I was wanting workout wise.  It's just been tough going getting out of bed in the AM to hit the training trail.  Snooze got me again this morning and the blankets were sooooo much more appealing than getting up and running 10+ miles.  So, I decided to try and postpone until after work.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.

I did get in some outdoor soccer last night.  Granted I played goalie so there's not much running but there was a lot of flopping around and "slide tackle" attempts.  It was nice to get in something different than running, riding or swimming.  Not to mention, the grass was nice and wet from the rain we have had the kast 3 days.  Wet ground + sliding around and diving on ground = mud and fun.

Need a long run and ride in this weekend.  Saturday WAS sunny and 70's, now scattered t-storms.  Boo.  We shall see how this plays out.

I've been better about my rides being focused on hills or sprints to get more than just "miles" in.  I've been focused on goals for my runs and now I;ve got training rides on track.  Hopefully this equals a stronger bike leg for IM KS.

New to the KC area is Mark.  He has a new blog going up.  Check him out, follow him, comment on him, harrass him, whatever floats your boat.  =)
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