Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's next week already!

First off, don't forget the FLUID Recovery GIVEAWAY going on until Sunday!

Secondly, most of us out there are age groupers training when we can balancing family, work and triathlons (or whatever endurance races you're in to).  Last week my wife was having some health issues that I was compelled to call in to work and stay home to help her.  I had no problem doing that.  It's what needed to happen.  Luckily I have a bike trainer and treadmill at home so I could get my workouts in early morning without leaving the house in case something happened.  It was an intricate balance of getting workouts in when I could and managing kiddos with a sick mommy.  I bring this up since this blog is mostly about endurance sports and how to balance that with family.  I try not to run life thinking about triathlons all the time, but I bet my wife would say different (ok, maybe I think about them 80% of the time).  =)

I must admit I'm wiped out and catching up with work this week is an overwhelming task but somehow it's getting done at the moment.  I know in the past I had a habit of accepting more work than I had hours in the day for if I wanted to have a life away from the desk.  Since then I'm able to gage how much work is enough to keep me going (more than 40 hours a week at that) and I've learned that I can admit when I'm full up at work and can't accept any more assignments.

It's a delicate balance and at times draining, but it's worth it.

What issues do you guys face when life gives you lemons?  Reduce work?  Reduce training?  Make permanent life changes?  I must admit I struggle with letting go of things I love doing but sometimes the bigger picture is more important.

Last week's total.
Biking : 83 miles
Running : 19 miles
Swimming : 0 yards - need a lap pool in the back yard when I can't get away from the house
Total Time : 7:18 - add in 3 hours if I would have got swimming in
Odd thing was that was the highest mile week this year and not a lick of it was in the pool!

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