Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Internet Monday and Surprise in the mail x 2

So last night we get the kiddos under control and I retired to the office to get some posts and articles going and catch up with some work when I had issues with my monitor.. so I switched that out.  25 minutes gone.  Then, comcast decided out internet was an extravagance we didn't need and the internet was down.  I tried to call but for some reason the call was dropped... either by my phone or comcast, I'm not sure.  As I left this morning after my 30 mile ride, the net was still down.

BUT, I was happy to see some goodies in the mail yesterday.

SockGuy (one of my sponsors) sent me some cool new socks for winning their photo contest.  I got their french fry socks, tiki idol socks and smiley face socks.  SWEET!  Here's the photo of my exploited son I submitted.

I also got a consolation prize from Monkey Butt with a couple packs to use for the SWASS and other friction hot spots from training.  I entered their sponsorship contest, didn't win, but got some swag to protect the sensitive parts.

Take a look!  It was like an early Christmas!  Anyone else, feel free to send me free tri stuff!

Hit the road for the last big mileage ride this morning.  30 miles and averaged 19.5 mph.  I was pretty stoked and glad I was tapering so I didn't totally spend the speed on the training ride and have nothing left for IM KS this weekend.

It was an awesome morning for riding.  Little breeze from the south but 70's, low humidity and sunlight at 5:30am.  Can't ask for much more!  I did have to dodge a skunk crossing the road and withstand june bug hits on some downhills.  AND, that crazy girl running in the middle of the street going the wrong way... what's up with that?

Working on the KC Tri survey summary along with Hospital Hill.

I wrote about the KC Endurance Challenge coming to KC in August.  With my contacts through the event, they have offered a free entry for my blog and article readers!  Stay tuned on how to get your hand on it!

My Husband's Watching TV - Sad I missed the frozen fruit bars after the HH run.  I was focused on water, chocolate milk and a banana and finding a place to sit down and not yarf.  =)
ScottyB - Thanks for the compliment on my report style.  It's progressed over time to what I think works and reads well.  I plan on having a good weekend at IM KS!  Thanks.
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