Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taper and Corporate Challenge

Last night was a foray into our Kansas City Corporate Challenge.  I signed up but wasn't able to try out for the track meet (we have 2500 employees and so many sign up, we have to have try-outs).  But, the guy that was slated to run the 100 meter had to back out so I was the sub for the 100.  The last time I ran the track part of KCCC was 2009.  With all of the speed work I do for triathlons, I wasn't too worried about showing up and completing the event.  With IM KS this weekend, I also wasn't interested in pulling anything before Sunday so I was weighing how to avoid injury while giving it my best.

Let's just say since I didn't realize my heat was up so fast I stretched, warmed up and stepped up with 1 minute til my heat was off.  By the way, thanks to who signed me up and placed me in the 2nd fastest heat.  I'm not that track fast... but oh well.  I was last in my heat last night and in 2007 I ran it in 12.466 and got 16th overall in my age group.  Not sure what I did last night but should find out later today if I still have my speed or if I should let the Olympics go...

But I do want to explain how NOT to run 100 meters.  When I got in, I watched the 50-55 men age group run... and it was interesting.  Four heats in a row had at least one guy fall on his face our shoulder.. and that culminated in a pour guy hyper-extending his knee the wrong way.  He went down in a heap... got up again, fell over, got up again, fell over and finally hobbled to the side of the track and sat down.  The dude would not sit down and kept trying to get up.  It looked like he tore something as he had no laterally stability anymore.  That sucks.  It's just corporate challenge and he probably jacked himself up for a long time.  Made everyone watching want to barf.

Here's the proper way to run.

Here's the wrong way to run.

Just for future reference.

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