Saturday, July 2, 2011

Heat and Humidity, oh my

Today is another scorcher in Kansas City! High 90's and nasty humidity. For those of us working on a holiday weekend (me), thank goodness for the AC!

And yes, I'm working today.  Contracts wait for no holiday.  That's ok.  Em is working most of this weekend (hopefully not tomorrow) so I'm hoping to get a lot done so I can relax Sunday and Monday.  You know... actually take a day off from work on a holiday!  Novel concept, huh?

I can only imagine what the heat's going to be like for the NF KC Endurance Challenge Marathon.  Uh...

This will be a short post cause I need to get back to it!

Check out my self challenge to get the BIKE leg back under control.  I've picked up some more drills and working on some other strength drills to get the legs back into riding shape.  No more missed biking days.  Whether ist's on the road or on the trainer, no bike workout will be missed!

Tour de France!  I'm actually into still without Lance in there.  Now, am I willing to drag out of bed to watch it live?  No.  Will I DVR it, I'll try.  I'm sure Versus will be running the day before none stop so that's where I will be tonight with the AC!

This weekend I will be getting a contest post together to give out 1 free entry into the NF KC Endurance Race to any distance of your choosing!  Anyone submitting an entry will also get a goodie as well!  WIN WIN! Stay tuned!

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