Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bike Travel bag preview - takes a lick and keeps on tickin.

It's been a long week!  Working 5 days a week is for the birds.  No 4th of July holiday, no day off from work.  I!  Sad, right?

But, that didn't stop me from riding my bike home and back to work for a night.  Thanks to Em for working the home front while I was home later than usual for a night, I was able to sweat my butt off in 100+ degree heat after work with my PUSH Endurance by my side.  I might write up a post about the most efficient way to pack to ride home from work and back the next morning.  It takes a lot of planning to make sure you even bring your water bottle pre-loaded with drink mix AND fill it with water before you get to your bike.  Drinking dry powder really doesn't help in this heat.

On the training note, this past week was a HUGE week for swimming.  I realized I needed to refocus on the swim while tapering for IM Boulder.  It actually works out well to load up on swimming since it's not as tough on the legs and no impact.  Throttled down the bike riding and the running (just a 10 miler tomorrow) while ramping it up in the pool.  10,500 yards last week to be exact.  To some it may not be monumental but when I struggle to get 3500 yards in some weeks, it's a big deal.

Scicon tech bags is a partner for the IM Boulder race and I recently was shipped a bag to review.  It makes me nervous to put my expensive carbon fiber tri bike in the cargo bay of an airplane... but I guess a lot of people do it without problem.

This also related to the garage cleaning last week.  The bag arrived and I had no place to put it but in the way in the garage.  Well, it was moved for access to a car and ended up being run over by me when I came home!  I couldn't see the box as I drove in and noticed a bump... and low and behold I ran the sucker over.

Checked it out and looks fine.  Now, if it can take a full size truck running over it, surely it can protect a bike being tossed around in it...???


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