Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 for a different reason

10 years ago today so many lost their lives and the day became synonymous with terrorism and sorrow.

Last year on 9/11 I saw a post or tweet or something somewhere on the web about how there is nothing good on 9/11 and that it was just a horrible day.

I beg to differ.

9 years after 9/11 in NY (1 year ago today), our second child, "Wee Man" was born.  If you have followed my blog since that date you will realize he came in with some severe health issues and spent the first 2 weeks of life in the NICU and we weren't sure he would make it out.

He spent the majority of his first 4 months of life in the hospital for issues if left unchecked, could threaten his life.  We were a wreck and our family was pushed to the brink.

Flash forward a year later and he is a HEALTHY 30 pound 1 year old today.  He is actually the size of a 2 year old but aside from a few surgery scares, you wouldn't think he had any issues.

We were so close to not having him and I for one could not imagine life without him.  Some days you aren't as thankful for what you have and then you reach days like today and with so many people lost and lives changed forever, you take stock.

Hopefully if 9/11 touched your family, you can take some solace in the fact that the day may have brought despair, but it also brought life and I'm sure will continue to bring life forever.

Happy birthday Wee Man.

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