Monday, September 12, 2011

Found a good tree guy in Kansas City, FINALLY!

After a couple months trying to find a tree trimmer in Kansas City, I FOUND ONE!

If you recall, the last guy I actually hired to do work showed up, cut one limb down and tore up my retaining wall around my trees.  Needless to say, I booted him.

I found SSS Lawn and Tree on yahoo yellow pages.  They had some good ratings and I sent out a couple more emails and phone calls since my tree had to have something done.  Seems like every wind storm brings down another branch and my great neighbor promptly chops off any and all limbs that hand over the fence into his yard.  It grew in an old fence line and it was all warped and wasn't a normal solid based tree anyway.  Large limbs were half broken, some limbs were snapped off and stuck in the higher limbs... it was just time to go.

Out of 4 people I contacted, only two showed up to price the tree and SSS was the best price!

They came over Saturday bright and early, threw 4 guys at it and had it done in no time and chopped it up and left it for fire wood for winter!  Two birds with one stone!

All and all they responded to every message or email I left them, did what they said and did a great job!  AND THEY DID NOT DAMAGE MY PROPERTY!  SCORE!

Get a hold of Seth and tell him Ryan from Falkee Triathlon sent you!
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