Thursday, September 8, 2011

Swim Meister Tony with the latest Streamlines from USMS - 9/8/11

Latest from Swim Meister Tony!

Local Kansas City Events:

Lee’s Summit on Oct 1 and 2.
It’s a Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning event, held in a very nice, new facility. I haven’t swum in it yet, but I have seen it, and it looks to be a very fast design. A two day meet in a fast pool means if all goes well, I will taper and shave for this one, something I don’t think I have ever done for a meet in the KC area, should be exciting! Meet info can be found at .

Gladstone is still scheduled for November 19.
It’s one of those quick one session meets with a fun social afterwards. Still waiting on event info.

Lawrence meet in January - TBD

Roeland Park in March - TBD

Next: update on the crypto scare and local pools:
Many of the outdoor pools on the Kansas side closed a week or two early, and are done for the year. Many of the indoor facilities addressed the issue by bumping up their maintenance schedules, and “shocking” their pools with a heavy dose of chemicals. I received an email from KC Area YMCA that most of their pools are already complete. All in all, we are pretty much through the scare. But, if you don’t know for sure, call ahead to verify your pool will be operating.

Below is the September issue of Streamlines from USMS.

An Open Water Tour of New York: From Coney Island to Lake Placid I love how USMS features the “average swimmers” as well as the record breakers! Read more... 

I like the Anxiety in Open Water Swimming article. Although it describes worst case scenario, and much of what is here you won’t see in a race, you have to be prepared. On one hand, don’t let it scare you. On the other, you do have to respect the danger of being in a large body of water with no flotation device. Read more...

Swim Parka Overview: Just about the most popular fashion in swimming (besides suit, cap, and goggles) is the swim parka. I haven’t had one since college, but it was a very useful and versatile garment, for more than just staying toasty on deck during meets. Maybe I need to think of getting a new one. Here are some reviews of some of the major brands that make them. Read more...

Plan Your Plate Meal planning is a good idea, if you are a swimmer or runner, or no matter what you are!

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