Thursday, October 13, 2011

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From Swim Meister Tony Headquarters,

Next up is a meet November 19 in Gladstone at the same pool that hosts the Corporate Challenge swim meet. Meet info should be available any day now.

Also keep an eye out for a meet in Lawrence in January, and the all relay meet in Roeland Park should be some time in March. Check Up Coming Events for updates.

As the Fire Fades
This applies to anything in life. We all see our “fire fade” at one point or another. Here is the perspective of an 80+ yr old swimmer.  Read more...

NEW VIDEO: "We Are U.S. Masters Swimming"
USMS released this video a couple of weeks ago. I watched and said, “Yep, that’s us! That’s Masters Swimming!” Great video! Since YouTube is blocked here at work, I’ll be happy to invite anyone who wants to stop by and watch it on my mobile. We turn “I can’t” into “I can”!   "We Are U.S. Masters Swimming."

USMS National Championship Locations Announced
USMS Nationals in 2012 is all about the new and exciting. The pool in Greensboro just opened weeks ago, and I have heard rave reviews from multiple sources. And of course the meet in Omaha will be in a temporary pool that will be in it’s location just a matter of weeks.
USMS Nationals in 2013 is all about rich swimming history, with the spring meet in Indianapolis, and the summer meet at Mission Viejo. For 30 years Indy has been the standard for what makes a pool great, and still is to this day. It has hosted more meets of the highest caliber than any pool in the world. Mission Viejo has long been a swimming juggernaut, even way before I got involved in the sport.  championship events!

Eliminate Shoulder Pain While Swimming Freestyle
Don’t mess with shoulder pain! It’s the one injury that drives people away from the pool. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you experience shoulder pain, you are either doing too much, or using improper technique. See this article for the later.  Read more...

Really Cool Website of the Month
Check out where these people get to swim! Jealous? I am!  Valley Isle Masters
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