Friday, November 11, 2011

This week with #Swim Meister Tony

The Kansas City Blazers Masters program now has a Facebook page. Use it to keep up with what is going on in the largest masters program in the area.

Also from the KCB Masters, they are changing from a punch card system to a scan card system. And, since this program is run by Johnson County, non-JoCo residents will be charged a little more. Scroll to the end to see email from coach Derek Shipp for details.
Upcoming local events;
  • 11-11-11, NKC Community Center; Epic Swim Challenge, Swim up to 11,000 yards for a good cause. Contact for details
  • 11-19-11, Gladstone Community Center; 3rd Annual Gladstone Masters Meet, fun meet, great social afterwards, online entry available.
  • January 2012, Lawrence Masters Meet
  • March 2012, Roeland Park All-Relay Meet
  • Spring 2012, Lees Summit Masters Meet
  • July 5-8 2012, Omaha, USMS Summer Nationals

STREAMLINES November 2011
2012 USMS Member Registration is Underway
Some great discounts if you get your 2012 USMS registration early. Also, your 2012 USMS membership is good for any remaining 2011 USMS events, like the Gladstone meet! You also get a subscription to Swimmer Magazine, which in the latest issue has an article about the health hazards of sitting at a desk all day. Think you can relate to that? Feel free to stop by my desk to see this magazine.  Program benefits HERE.
Scott Nichols: Beating the Odds
Inspirational story! Show this to your friends that want to turn their health in the right direction. This will show them how swimming can do it!  Read MORE.
Sarasota to Host 2013 Pan American Masters Championship
Anytime there is an international event in the U.S., you should really consider it! It’s a great experience!  More HERE.
2012 Olympic Trials Tickets
A few months ago they released all session tickets for 2012 Olympic Trials, but they are expensive, and who can afford to spend more than a week out of town to watch a swim meet? Now they have expanded sales to 4 day packages. As the meet gets closer, smaller and smaller packages will be released. I encourage you to make the 3 hr trip up I-29 to take in at least one session of this event. Your fellow employee-owner Tony Diers might hint you should go see the Men’s 100 meter freestyle.  More HERE.
Happy swimming everyone. Eat all the turkey you want in a couple of weeks, so you can swim it off later!

Tony Rezek
Chapter President, Kansas City, MO
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