Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not too shabby 5k, runners in the dark and walkers

So I found my race results for the past Jingle Bell Run...
and I got 7th out of 57 in my age group at an official time of 21:17.  35th overall out of 806.  Not too shabby!  Also found a picture from the race.  Can you believe our lanky daughter is only 3!?  She may end up around 7 feet tall... and yes, our son usually wonders around in the state of shock and awe.

And workouts go out of the window last week...
Since I was in Chicago for work and ran a 5k instead of a long run this weekend, my workout log suffered.  But, it's good to have a low week to recovery.  If only I didn't slam my though into a box jump...

BIKING - 50.4 miles
RUNNING- 6.4 miles
SWIMMING - 2000 yards

Got Tebow?
If you didn't see the last 4 minutes of regulation and OT in the Broncos and Bears game Sunday, you missed out.  Somehow Tim Tebow does nothing all game an then passes for like 200 yards and a TD to come from being down 0-10 and winning 13-10 in OT.  Do I think God intervenes in football games to make Tebow a winner?  No.  Do I think it's uncanny he keeps winning games like this?  Yes.  Do I think he has a mystique about him that draws in his teammates and makes them want to play harder?  Yes.  Do I have Tebow on my fantasy football team that I won my first round playoff game with?  Yes.  If God is making him win, then hopefully it rubs off and gets my a FF championship.  Fun to watch him play, though.

Why do people temp fate?
Running on State Line Road near 103rd street is not smart.  It's not smart in full daylight and not smart in pitch black at 5:45am.  Trucking along to work and some fool is running the street with no reflective gear in dark clothes in the wrong direction.  Idiot is all I have to say.  There are no sidewalks, it's 4 lanes of BUSY traffic, but there is enough grass area to run that if you MUST run on that road.  Better yet, jump one street over where there's a sidewalk.

A pet peeve I have is when you are looking for a treadmill to run sprints on and the heavy duty 'mills that will get up to 12 are all full... and half are filled with walkers that could have used the empty lesser built 'mills that don't get up to the speed I need.  Lets all be mindful of our surroundings, our workout needs and get along.  Please?
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