Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing how going back to work deflates the training time

Last week's numbers are depressingly lacking...

BIKING - 35 miles
RUNNING - 18 miles
SWIMMING - 1800 yards
TOTAL TIME - 06 : 15

It's no surprise that the relationship between work time and training time is inverse.  As work time goes up, training time goes down.  That was evident last week as I re-entered the work force from my holiday week vacation.  I'm very distraught that's the case.  I need to go back to lobbying for more hours in a day or another weekend day.

I need to get back in the AM workout horse.  I was hitting a good rhythm before Christmas and the week after was a hodge podge of getting up sometimes at 6am and sleeping in others and working out when the kids took a nap or when Em was home and we could work it out so I could go for a run or ride.

This week is proving to be a challenge as tonight, Wednesday and Thursday nights are booked and Em works Friday so I have kid patrol after work.

It all boils down to getting my ass out of the warm bed in the morning...

PS - got my road bike back with a new shifter.  I did get charged installation, which they didn't mention, but it was 10 times less than paying for the new part that SRAM extended the warranty for.  So, beggars can't be choosers.  One less excuse!
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