Monday, January 16, 2012

Say it ain't so, Chrissie Wellington!

Big news in the triathlon world...
4 Time IM world champ Chrissie Wellington takes 2012 off from Ironman events.  Does that mean she will take off ALL triathlons?  Who knows how the year will shape up, but that's a bummer she won't be out there making women (and men) cry on the triathlon circuit!

I missed he handing out medals last year at IM KS 70.3 and was hoping to catch her in 2012, but probably no chance of that this year.  Sad.

Check out my trek through VO2 max...
On examiner, I'm writing a series of articles for VO2 max.  Normally it's just a curiosity, but when I got a chance to test for free, I jumped on it.  Now I just need to take advantage of what I found out!

Check out the latest on testing methods and what to expect.  Next article will be about my experience at KUMC.

I think I sent my immune system over the edge...
With a 10 mile run (it was in the 60's, people!) and 30 minutes of strength training yesterday, I have managed a full blown cold.  Now, who's to say if I did nothing yesterday, I wouldn't be in the same place.  There's always the debate about factors that affect colds, but until they find a cure, I'm not buying any of it.

It's funny, as I sit at the day job and hack away on the keyboard, it's a suffer fest of Kleenexes, sudafed induced mental haze and scratchy eyes.  But, if I was working out, I wouldn't notice and it would be much more preferable.  Odd.

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