Friday, January 27, 2012

What's the plan for 2012?

Here's what the plan for 2012 looks like.

Groundhog Run 10k this weekend.  Should be a good time in a cave... that's what she said.

March 31 is Commando Run and Ruckus Run Kansas City.  Two obstacle course races in 1 day... should be interesting.

April 14, Rock the Parkway half marathon - part of the Heartland 39.3 Race Series.

April 22, Kansas Half Marathon - part of the eartland 39.3 Race Series.

May 12, Run with the Cows Half Marathon - part of the eartland 39.3 Race Series.

May 20, Kansas City Triathlon, olympic distance.  First tri of the season.

June 2, Hospital Hill Half Marathon.  Generally it has been in the middle of June and been routinely humid, but earlier this year so I'm hoping for less humidity.

June 10, Kansas Half Ironman.  Since it's in my back yard, might as well.  =)

July 1, Epic Dartmouth in Canada.  This is a big maybe.  I need to get some help from partners to make this happen.  The organizers are very cool, but it's a little cost prohibitive to fly up there.

August 26, Chicago Triathlon.  Another big maybe.  It might even be sold out by now..  If it is, fate has fixed the delima for me.

September 22-23, MS 150 to Lawrence, Kansas.  I've ridden the Missouri one in the past, but I think Lawrence tops Sedalia, MO, for the overnight stop.

Races that I have not signed up but may sneak in:
God's Country off road duathlon in March.
Midwest Tri series - these will happen, I just need to get signed up.  Race in July and 2 at the end of August.
Heritage park and Shawnee Mission Park triathlon - Heritage was COLD ass last year!  I ran SMP one year and that was the 3rd year straight it was called for weather.
Kansas City Marathon in October... not sure.  The North Face Endurance challenge is coming back in November and I'm eyeing the 50k.
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