Thursday, May 3, 2012

FIT Muscle Joint Clinic in Shawnee, Kansas

If you live in or around Kansas City, this is for you!

If you don't, you're missing out!

FIT Muscle Joint Clinic has been storming the endurance race scene with post race ART sessions at finish lines of majors races around Kansas City.

I recently toured their place, and it's pretty impressive.

What also struck me funny was how they approach their therapy sessions.

They want to get you out of needing their services as soon as possible.  By that, they want to teach you techniques to keep yourself healthy so you do not rely on their services to stay injury free or to treat nagging injuries.  They want to cure your injuries with strength exercises and changes in your bio-mechanics for the better.

Check them out!

And, to top that off, they are having a GROUPON that's ending soon!  Grab one!  $25 for an ART and evaluation just don't exist!  Get in while they are new before everyone and their dog signs up with them!

Article on their new digs coming soon!
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