Thursday, June 28, 2012

@BondiBand review and giveaway!

It’s hot.  Almost d@mn hot!  As we approach July and the heat of the summer for most us in the States, you can’t avoid the heat.  Even at 4am, some places are already 80 degrees and 80% humidity.  There’s nothing wrong with a sweat fest workout in the heat, as long as you are prepared.

Sure, you need hydration, sunscreen and eye protection, but what about those rivers of sweat pouring down your face?  Most of us have been there.  Running or riding along (usually isn’t as much of a problem in the pool) and you have to use your jersey or shirt to constantly wipe your face and eyes.  Sometimes it stings your eyes, and other times is covers your sunglasses making it hard to see where you are going.

Helmets come with that padding that seems to absorb the sweat, only to release it by the bucket full when you look up or adjust your helmet.  Ever have helmet pad stew pour down your face and over your mouth?  To say it tastes kind of salty and just plain nasty is an understatement.
Personally, I sweat more than the average human (I would guess, not documented).  Easily 7 to 8 pounds can escape my body in the form of perspiration and that’s with accounting for fluid intake.  If they came out with a windshield wiper system for sunglasses and an automatic towel system for running, they would have my money.

But, that’s not really an option (or is it?).  What I needed was a better system than hats and having to stop every 10 miles on the bike to clean off my glasses.

That’s when I ran into Bondi Band.  From their website,” Check out our wicking fabric bands; they will absorb and evaporate buckets of sweat.”  Buckets of sweat, sounds like a winner.
After trying out the Triathlete Bondi Band for some riding and running, here’s my take on the application of the products for the everyday triathlete in the heat.

After poking around on the site, they have a nice selection with different logos and phrases.  They have around 5 to 6 triathlon related head bands.  Finding something that fits your taste shouldn’t be an issue.  But, more than likely it will have to be black unless you want to make a special order.

It was an odd feeling wearing one the first time out.  I wore it while riding under my helmet and you immediately notice it adds a factor of warmth to your skull.  It cuts off some ventilation within the helmet and unless you are moving, it can feel like it makes you a little warmer.  Once the sweat started pouring out, I knew my bucket of sweat may have exceeded their idea of a bucket of sweat.  Out in 95 degrees with 80% humidity, I was sweating like a (insert your off-color comparison here).  I was in serious doubt about the product after getting 10 miles down the road and it’s dripping sweat.  BUT, what was different was where it was coming out.  It was no longer flowing freely down my sunglasses, but rather coming from the sides of my brows flowing down my cheeks.  My glasses were free from vision impairing bodily fluids, even though I was still off-loading perspiration and an exponential rate.  It worked to an extent and solved my basic problem of sweat in my eyes and on my sunglasses.  After the ride, ringing out the Bondi band produced around a fourth of a cup of sweat.  Sweat is better in the band than in my helmet pads pouring down my face.

Running with Bondi band is a similar situation.  Still have some sweat escaping the band, but it was redirect to the sides of the face away from the eyeballs and sunglasses.  What’s nice while running, if you are the type that likes hats or visors while running, this is a good additional to the arsenal that’s lighter and serves a purpose besides fashion.

I even wore Bondi band to the gym for some strength training.  Who wants to do their hair before the gym?  Bedhead rules and when you have small children, it’s all you can do to get out of the door to get to the gym and get a quality lift in.  Bondi band was a good solution to hide unruly hair-do’s without looking toolish or foolish.  You might get some looks while people read them.  You might even be considered elitist for wearing it, but if you wear your triathlete heritage on your sleeve, it’s time to advertise.

Overall the Bondi Band concept might appear to be more style than function, for men.  For women, it’s a great tool just to keep hair out your of your face if anything.  But, the function for men comes in the capabilities to keep sweat redirected away from your eyes and blurring your vision.
What’s also nice is the price.  At $8, it’s around $10 less than your average running visor and provides similar function.  They’re washable and don’t have a cardboard bill that could deteriorate with multiple washes.

Consider Bondi Band for your sweat relief needs.

If you have read this far, then you have a chance to win the TRI Bondi band!  And no, I didn't use it.

Four ways to enter.
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You also get a new Gatorade water bottle.
6 pack of GU Roctane Blueberry Pomegranate.

To get your entry counted, add a comment to this post and tell me how many entries you have and some way to identify you.

Giveaway ends this Sunday, July 1 at midnight.  Winner announced Monday.  Bondi band supplied the headband to give away and I paid for the GU and bottle myself.  NO OVERSEAS entries, please.

* Writer’s note, Bondi Band supplied 2 triathlon themed Bondi Bands for this review and in no way influenced this awesome freelance triathlete writer on his review.
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