Monday, August 20, 2012


Like I said in my race preview post...
This will make year 7 for running this event.  The first two years I ran the short course and moved to the long course for the past 5 years.  I mean, it's such a great time, why not extend the pain and suffering for the long course?

Coming into the race, I didn't have any real goals other than doing the best I could and quasi bettering my times from past races.

The problem with bettering my times is the course adjustments.  Last year the swim was a little short, this year is was a little longer due to the lake being so low from the lack of rain here in the Midwest.  The bike and run course were pretty much exactly the same.

My best time was 2:05 on a short swim course.  Realistically the previous years at 2:11 and 2:12 are better indicators.

The problem this year was that 2:12 won my age group and I came in around 50th with that time 2 years ago.  So.... something was up.  I beleive the swim was a few 100 extra yards, but it was wetsuit legal and I managed a good swim.  I'm not too bummed about the overall time, but it's hard to compare performances from the past.

Swimming has been tough going this season...
Training in the pool has been as fast as ever.  I'm pretty consistent and quick (relative to my pace).

Races have been a different story.  The KC Tri was the only wetsuit legal race before yesterday.  IM KS, Shawnee Mission and Mayhem were all non-wetsuit which kills my times.  Need that extra buoyancy!

The swim saw me come out of the water 26 of 169 long course triathletes.  I've come a long way from sidestroke and put myself in real contention to come out of the water in a good place.

It was also interesting since it's a 2 loop swim course.  You have a Baywatch moment running across the beach jacking up your heart rate when you jam back in the water trying to beat out the next heat waiting to start.

The bike, oh the bike...
It's been a battle to get the speed back from 2 years ago.  I've come close to managing 20mph in a few races, but this time around it just wasn't in the cards.

The timing site didn't have the bike times, but according to the ole Garmin, I was around 18.6 and 18.7.  It wasn't the lungs, but the ole legs just couldn't get churning fast enough on some of the hills and we had a minor headwind on some stretches.

Overall the bike leg was nothing spectacular on my part.  I got on, rode and dismounted to get to the run.

Up in smoke...
I was feeling good for the crushed gravel trails for the run.  The 5 miles went pretty quick and I was able to average sub 7:15 min/mile.  I gassed out running the last mile in 6:57 and passed two runners that passed me earlier.

It was nice to have a strong run after a lackluster bike leg.

The results.
I wrapped up the day 39 of 169 long course racers.  My best finish in the long course event for Jackson County, but worst time in 2:23:04.  That seems to be the theme with this race and IM KS.  Worst half IM time, but best finish placing.  Odd.

SWIM : 29:05 for a pace of 1:47 min/100
T1 : 1:16
BIKE : 1:14 for 18.6 mph according to my Garmin 310XT
T2 : 1:28
RUN : 26:07 for a pace of 7:14 min/mile
TOTAL TIME : 2:23:04
OVERALL PLACE : 39 of 169
GENDER PLACE : 37 of 130

Wrapping it up...
Overall it was a GREAT day for a race.  Temps started in the 50's, wetsuit legal in mid-August and finish temps in the 70's.  The event went off without a hitch that I know of.  There was one bike wreck where the athlete was taken in an ambulance, but as far as I could see, he was alert.  Probably a broken bone or two, sadly.

It was also great getting some post race grub such as my Wheaties that I was hooked up with for being an ambassador!  More to come on that, but I'll leave you with this tasty post-race lunch image!

Thanks to:
The Midwest Tri Series
TK Muscle Therapy
Fluid Nutrition
Team Wheaties
Puma Running Shoes
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