Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review of SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY by @EatPlaySnap

What’s in you?

Is Gatorade, chocolate milk, GU gel, Cliff shots, Powerbar Gel Blasts or SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY in you? Never heard of SNAP infusion? You’re not alone.

Here at the testing labs, we were hard at work in our energy nutrition test cleanroom when SNAP Infusion gave us a call to try them out.

Being one to never shy away from reviewing products short of illegal substances, we jumped at the chance.

Let’s be honest, SNAP Infusion is not a household name in the triathlon world, or is it? Do let us know if you have ever heard of it or tried it and what you think.

But, here’s what WE think of SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY.

Nice dress. The packing certainly is professional and eye catching. One could go so far as to say the candy wrapper is candy for the eye, pun intended. It’s interesting that they have 5 different options for their endurance snacks and the wrappers are very similar, so be on high alert when grabbing for that back of gummy treats so you don’t end up with tart instead. There is a difference, but it’s subtle.

It’s good to have options. Just like looking for a date on prom night, it’s good to have options. If you aren’t feeling the beans, try the tarts. If you aren’t looking for a tummy full, try the gum and chew your way to a PR. What triathlete doesn’t grind their teeth on the run? Don’t want 160 calories, try beans for 80 calories. With 5 different types of treats, there’s something for everyone.

It fills without over filling. The pack sizes are the right size for a quick pre-workout fuel or in-situ workout nutrition. You can eat as little or as much as you need to cater to your needs, as all people are not made the same. Just fold the pack over and save for later.

Not all-weather options. Some of the choices are not the best for hot weather. The mels melted in the summer heat basking on the porch before being let in upon delivery. The gummy candy could also have issues with hot weather and being over-sticky. Not the best option when you’re on mile 45 in your 70.3 race and looking for a clean nutrition exchange from packet to mouth. The other options for beans and tarts would survive extreme temperatures without much issue.

Does it do a body good? Will you experience an immediate 5-hour energy-like pickup? No. You will not hit a huge sugar high and subsequent crash in 30 minutes. It’s the steady-state energy infusion you would expect from a quality nutritional product. While the bulk of the candies are providing carbs and some potassium, they are also providing up to 9 grams of sugar. It’s there, but it’s not like eating straight jelly beans or snickers bar. Back to the choices, if you want less sugar, then you could switch to the tart which only has 1 gram of sugar per serving.

It’s not just for endurance athletes. SNAP Infusion could be a great substitute for those with a sweet tooth looking for alternates other than M&M’s and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. With all foods, moderation is key, but if you find yourself at work and that apple or banana just won’t touch your craving, consider popping some SNAP gummies or beans.

It’s handy. The individually wrapped servings are great for the athlete on the go. Just keep your supply up and grab a pack when you’re headed out the door or waking up to get ready for a 3 hour morning ride before the kids are up.

At least they are more hip than a 40 year old at a high school party. They have an appealing web site, hooked up with Facebook and Twitter and stay active on the platforms. They have the social media must-haves checked off on their list. It’s always nice to be able to reach out via online media platforms and reach to the core of customer service.

In a nutshell, SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY is a viable option for endurance athletes looking for something a little sweeter. What triathlete hasn’t justified a few no-substance treats after a 2 hour BRIK workout? Well, now there’s no excuse needed. Just tell your disapproving cohort that SNAP Infusion SUPERCANDY is candy in name only. It’s tasty, it’s stylish, it has choices and it has real nutritional value.

*SNAP Infusion sent samples of SUPERCANDY for me to test. In no way did SNAP influence this review.
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