Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kansas City marathon taper.... and decisions

So my last PT appointment before the race was yesterday...
And they didn't see an issue with running the full marathon. As far as my achilles goes, through the adjustments they have done and the work in PT and on my own time and using my truer stability shoes, they don't see a real issue with running the full 26.2 Saturday.

I've been out for a 1:25 hour run and a handful of tempo runs and bike rides, and it's at 95-97% back to normal.

This wouldn't be the first time I came into the KC Marathon less trained up than I would have liked.  I've never ran it with a true marathon training plan.  I've usually just relied on my triathlon training as a solid base and then upped the long runs leading up to the race.  I usually aim for 2 16 milers and an 18 or 20 miler 2 to 3 weeks before the race.

I've completed some 2:30 hour pool runs, so I have the time, but not the distance.  Plus, pool running just isn't the same.  It should be interesting.

My plan...
I will go ahead and stay in the marathon distance at packet pickup.  There's no shame in DNF to avoid further injuring myself.  There is also the option to turn off at the half marathon turn.  I figure I can cut it short and take it in and try to change my results to go into the half marathon group.  Hope that works, but no big deal if it doesn't.

I'm also going to wear my BRD achilles brace. If I'm having a real issue like I had the last 4 weeks, it wouldn't support me enough to run 26.2 miles.  But, while I'm on the recovery side at 97%, it works like a champ.  Keeps the ankle lined up, warm and supported.  I don't want to use the brace indefinitely, but it's a good option for these types of moments where backup couldn't hurt.

I have no expectations on time.  Sub 4 hour would be cool, but with the injury and down time, I'm not sure what my fitness will produce.  My goal is to stay in the 160-165 BPM range and ride that to the finish line.  Wish me luck!
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