Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My @wheaties made the move!

So I have found just about everything I moved...
There was some frantic searches for bike helmets, DVD's and assorted items for reviews for the old blog.  But, I'm happy to report that my Wheaties from being on Team Wheaties made the move without injury!

If you have moved a household, then you are in the same boat where your nice furniture will get dinged.  85% of our gear got some sort of mark from moving and you can's avoid it unless you pack it all yourself, or pay someone twice the amount to move it to wrap every piece in 2 blankets.

But, the box carrying the precious Wheaties cargo made it without a scratch.  All boxes of cereal came through the other side none the worse for wear.  It's now unpacked and safely resides in the Tri Gear area in the basement.

And, just to be safe, I had to try a bowl last night for dessert.  Mmmm...

If you are running the KC Marathon (or half like I am due to injury), keep an eye out for me in my Wheaties gear.  I'll have on either an orange tech tee or the Wheaties running kit.  I'll also bring coupons so you can get some Wheaties down your gullet at a discount!
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