Thursday, April 4, 2013

@RuckusSports Kansas City race preview

Ruckus Run Kansas City is this Saturday!
As I've written about, I have completed less strength workouts with weights or x-camp classes than in the past, but I have ramped up the running, biking and swimming.  I incorporate strength workouts in the 3 disciplines, so I'm hoping that suffices.

That being said, Ruckus Run is pretty straight forward and as long as you have a decent aerobic base, you can finish the race.  I've yet to see a runner that had to DNF because it was just too hard.  Worst case you can walk an obstacle and skip it if you feel it's unsafe or out of your comfort zone.  Like with anything in life, don't do something you aren't comfortable with and avoid the potential for injuries.  They won't haul you off the course for that.

I do have goals...
Ruckus is cool in the fact that they have a champion's heat.  From :

"For those looking to compete, the Champions Heat is for you! The top 10% of Challenge finishers from the Men and Women's Open and Master (45+) Divisions qualify to run in this afternoon wave. Runners race through the same 4-mile course, totaling 8 miles on the day. The first person to cross the finish line from each Division gets to bring home the illustrious Golden Helmet. Prizes awarded to top 3 Division finishers."

Illustrious Golden Helmets from 2012
It's a nice carrot to chase for the race.  The setback to signing up for an early heat if you have any thoughts of the Champion's heat, you have to wait for a while.  If you have a busy day, that might not work.  But, it could provide for ample rest time to run another 4 mile obstacle course.

Do I think I have a shot?  Well, in 2011 and 2012 I knew immediately after my heat I didn't make the cut, but I was usually 5th to 6th from the cutoff.  My goal is to go all out, and not carry my keys in my socks and not wear high socks.  They weather is looking to hit the 70's here in KC, so I may venture going shirtless!  Less drag from water weight.

From 2011 and 2012, I think I've learned better strategies to get from start to finish faster.  The question is will the more miles I have run this winter result in better speed?  I've continued the same speed and strength running work, but added longer runs on the weekends at high zone 2.

Time will tell.  Above all I'm looking for a fun time, good weather and a good muddy crust post-race.  We're looking into getting the 5 year old daughter in the Mini Ruckus as well!  They can run it as many times as they want, because as we all know, the attention span of a 5 year old to watch 35 to 40 minutes of daddy racing is IMPOSSIBLE.

Check back next week to see how I fared!

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