Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Cards Are a New Endurance Event

Over the years the Christmas card list has grown and grown.  I think we have like 25 or 30 people.  Card, Christmas letter, stuff in envelope, seal, address, stamp and mail... 30 times.  I need to train for this next year.  And, there's nothing like mailing them out 3 days before Christmas.  It's the thought that counts?

Good start this week.  I'm not sure what the rest of the week will bring but I did get the go-ahead for running the Operation Jack satellite run Sunday morning.  If you are doing a long run, consider signing up and helping a good cause!

That would take care of the 3rd run for the week, already have 2 rides... need another ride and swim at some point with 2 days to work with that I don't have to go to work on!  Should be a slam dunk.

32.7 miles biking
7.45 miles running
3500 yards swimming

Since everyone else was posting year end totals, I'm looking at:
2530.5 miles biking
705.6 miles running
329,165 yards swimming, 187 miles --> upped that to focus on the weakest event

Caught wind of EveryManTri article talking about NFL QB's wearing wetsuits to play in the cold.  Matt Cassel from the Chiefs was mentioned!  Way to go, appendixless Matt!

Dec 26th is the deadline for athletes to submit a request to join.  50+ people have sent me a note so that's encouraging!  Hopefully I can get people picked by the new year and hook them up with the sponsors.

I'm sweatin my games for 3rd and 1st in my two leagues I'm still alive.  I keep flip-flopping who to start.  Chad Ochocinco or Fred Jackson for a flex position?  Will Ronnie Brown with the Colts show up like last week??  AHHH!!!!!

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TRI714 said...

Go KC !!! Good job on the miles.