Friday, April 8, 2011

90 degrees!

It's suppose to be 90 degrees here in Kansas City tomorrow!  90!!!!!!!!!!!  Hold on Mother Nature... lets not skip spring and slam into summer so fast!

Hoping for some riding and running this weekend with yard work mixed in.  90's on Saturday and storms on Sunday.  Should be interesting!

Thanks for all the well wishes about the ear!  Good news is that the ENT said I was fine to swim with ear plugs (I wear them anyway for my ear issues) and that ear infections have nothing to do with swimmer's ear (which I didn't have).  Somehow I got a virus that landed in my ear canal.  No damage, just plugged up and it should go away in a few more days.  Whew.

SO on to the pool this morning!  For some reason I was feeling a little unsettled in my stomach hitting the treadmill and thought I was going to have to call it early but that subsided for an epic 2000 yard swim.  Sadly I could tell I haven't been in the pool for a week.  It was like swimming in caramel like the snickers commercial.  But, I'm back in there.

We shall see what the weekend brings for weather and workouts!

Latest about Grease Monkey Wipes.  It's similar to my review on the blog but has a little more info about the company.
Also, more Kansas City Events!

Wrote an article on my take about getting a coach.  If I had the money, I would probably entertain it, but I think I do pretty good at picking stuff up off the net and from experience, so I'm all good at the moment.  Now, if I try for an IM or try to Kona qualify, that may be something different but that's a ways down the line.

Both kids down with some nasty viruses so we may be chillin at home with Cars, Over the Hedge, Toy Story and Shrek all weekend in addition to yard work and training if they fit in.  Poor guys.  Wee Man is a mess and I have yet to see R2 today but heard she is feelin it.  Sad.
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