Friday, May 6, 2011

Bust out the riding temps!

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The Good
40.65 mile ride... OUTSIDE! Temps held in the mid 50's so that was good enough for me to get a couple layers on and hit the road!  I won't discuss my average speed as it could use some improvement, but I got the trusty tri bike out this morning pre-dawn and busted out 40 miles. Worked out pretty good as I got to work on time afterwards!

The Bad
Wife is having a heck of a time with some foot issues. I won't go into detail but it's all I can do to offer support and try to help her get through this. She may start a blog to relate how an active person deals with limiting physical ailments so stay tuned.

Lets dissect my 40 miler.  Below is the Garmin report from the ride.

While the main goal was volume, I'm always looking to hold some something close to "I wish" race pace.  I guess I should look at it as long runs.  Some schools of thinking is that your long training runs should be 1 minute per mile LESS than race pace.  Goal is volume, not speed.  Then, you work speed in other workouts.  To be honest, I have been focused on getting rides and distance in.  I loathe trainer rides for the most part and usually check out watching morning news or checking up on blogs.  I know, it's like my take on running with headphones and not being in the now.

While I believe I kept a large majority of bike fitness, I can ride all day long but my speed has declined.  Now that the weather has taken a turn for the warm, I'm aiming to hit some hill repeats and sprints.  Hopefully that will get me back in the groove.

Another take is that I have been extra focused on running and swimming.  I try the best I can to get three swims of 2500 yards or more (not just straight freestyle, but drills) and 3 runs per week.  The three runs break down into a day of sprint and hill intervals, a day of threshold running and a long run.  I can usually hit 2 and the leftover turns into a BRIK run of 3 miles or so.

So there you have it.  My excuses for not being fast on the bike!  =)

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