Saturday, May 21, 2011

Training Data Lost - Solution Found

This is the ABC's of me baby.... YA KNOW!

I'm OCD. I admit it. Not to the point of having to check my alarm EXACTLY 3 times every time I go to bed... sometimes it' 1, 3 or 6. I've had enough "no alarm" days that I'm paranoid about the alarm not going off.

I WAS that way with my training log. I HAD to update it every day. That mystical magical intertwinement of data and functionality. I tweaked that spreadsheet for 3 years.

Well, as you all know I had my USB drive crash issue a few days ago. 6 months of data and tweaking lost. Lost 2 month of 2010 and the work I did to summarize it all. I was a little tweaked out to say the least. THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE!

But I think I found a solution to that mess. Garmin Connect. In the past it was more to get the data from my garmin 310xt to look at some splits and then transfer it to the spreadsheet manually. Well, why not use Connect totally?

No double entry. You can add manually entries for treadmill (I don't use my footpod) and swim workouts. You can pick dates to summarize, download to spreadsheets if you want to do anything with it... sweetness!

Here's this week so far. Need a swim, bike and a run in this weekend at some point.

Looks pretty sharp. If I wanted to capture each day I can go to the activities table and there it is. I think I'm sticking with it since you can also download to BT and some other sites.

No double entry. No hassles. No USB storage to worry about crashing. Hopefully Garmin servers are reliable....
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