Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fluid Giveaway Winner - 5/8/11

And the winner of the FLUID Recovery giveaway is....

Christi from Pedestrian Runner!

How did I pick her?

Very eloquent if you ask me.  I assigned numbers to entries based in the order received and how many entries each person had.  That got us to 21.  To not leave it completely to fate on one draw, I used and the first person with 3 hits on their entry numbers won.

Christi got to 3 hits first!  From the looks of her blog posts, she's picking up the training so she could probably use some recovery drink!

Congrats.  Hit me up at falkeetriathlon @ hotmail . com with your mailing address and all of this sweet goodness is YOURS!

Thanks all for playing!

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